The ASB Health Clinic

Welcome to the ASB (Arbeiter- Samariter Bund) Health Clinic in The Gambia!

We are located in the heart of Serrekunda, the Gambia's largest town, so that easy access for the people, who need our help most urgently, is guaranteed.
Our mandate is :
To help all people without regard to their political affiliation, race, nationality or religion.
The ASB clinic has an out-patient`s department( to 2p.m.) and a 24hrs round the clock operational clinic. We treat general diseases, tropical diseases and we are also specialized in wound dressing.
We have well equipped delivery facilities, every delivery is conducted by a trained midwife or if wanted or needed by our resident gynaecologist, and a ward with 5 beds and also 2 double rooms with A/C on request
Nationals of all African countries pay the same fees for our services.
The ASB clinic has a state-of-the-art operation theatre where all major and minor operations are performed.
Once a year a medical team of plastic surgeons from Germany (Prof. Dr. Dr. Lei Li, Dr. Joerg Knob from Klinikum Oldenburg as well as Dr. Dr. Joachim Siegert from Gifhorn) comes to the ASB clinic and performs most needed operations on cleft pallates in children. These operations are offered free of charge. They also operate skin burns, tumors, contractions and keloids.

Group photo

from left: Dr. Knop, PD.Dr.Dr. Lei Li, Dr.Dr. Siegert