ASB Gambia - Services


open from Monday to Saturday 8am to 2pm

General Diseases

Friendly and well trained personnel offer you consultation and a qualified diagnosis and therapy.
Laboratory services - all major tests can be performed- are available at very reasonable prices.
In our in-house pharmacy you can immediately buy your medicines also at reasonable prices and at a very good quality (imported from Europe). Children up to 5 years pay at most D 50.00 for their medicines even if they are more expensive as the ASB is subsidising children.
For burns, lacerations or other wounds we have a special dressing room where a modern management of wound treatment is in place. The daily dressing is also subsidised by the ASB. This is done as ever so often in Africa untreated wounds can end up in the amputation of extremities due to infections and the lack of dressing materials, creams and antibiotics.

Ante Natal Care

Monday to Saturday 9am to 3pm

Our very well experienced midwife is expecting you for your ante natal care. We also offer voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) if you should want to know your HIV status. In case an expecting mother is tested positive she will receive all the help that is available in the Gambia and her treatment and delivery will be free of charge.
It is recommended that a pregnant mother should come for ante natal care at least 4 times during her pregnancy. She will have one routinely scanning done by our doctor.This will show whether everything is alright with the fetus. Right at the beginning all the necessary tests will be performed, e.g. HB, HIV(voluntary), urine analyses etc. in order to detect abnormalities as early as possible. To prevent malaria in expecting mothers they are given two dosis of Fansidar in the different stages of their pregnancy.

The maternity ward is open for 24hrs on each day of the week. Every pregnant woman is welcome at any time if she has questions or feels uncomfortable. There is always a qualified midwife who can give the necessary support.


We have four comfortable delivery facilities and all the modern equipment that is needed for a safe delivery. All deliveries are conducted by trained midwives or -if needed- by our gynaecolgist at any time . The ASB clinic is prepared for all kinds of emergency cases.
The ASB clinic is also a centre for EmOC (Emergency Obstetric Care)

Two pairs of twins shortly after their delivery


Twice a week parents can come with their babies for immunization. Every child will get an immunization card so our staff can keep record of the vaccinations given.


The ASB clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art operation theatre. Here all major and minor gynaecological operations are performed by our gynaecologist e.g. caesarian sections, hysterectomies etc.
Our general surgeon cares for operations like hernias, appendicitis, fractures etc.
And as already mentioned before our German Doctor Team uses the operation theatre when it performs reconstructive plastic surgeries once a year.

Below there is a link to the press notification about the last visit of the German Doctor Team as well as a Gallery.

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Reconstructive Surgery

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The ASB clinic is one of the 8 ART (Anti retroviral therapy) centres in the Gambia.
We offer for everybody who wishes a voluntary counselling and testing VCT in order to determine the status. Patients who are tested positive will immediately get the necessary support. The treatment for HIV positive patients is free of charge.
Needy patients will be provided with funds for their fare to garantee regular visits at the clinic in order to monitor their well being. Patients who receive ART will additionally -if in need-be provided with nutrition support by the ASB. A home care service is in place to take care of the patients if their condition does not allow a personal visit in the clinic.
The ART service of the ASB is offered according to the guidelines and with the funding of the National Aids Secretariat (NAS) through the Global Fund.

Additional Services
Possibility of emergency evacuation to hosptials in Europe
- Import of urgently needed drugs from Europe