The Health Clinic

One of our younger patients after his cleft palate operation

In 2001 the ASB Lueneburg decided to establish a health facility in the Gambia in order to help the poor and needy. For that reason a NGO was founded and in May 2002 the ASB clinic was inaugurated in the middle of Serrekunda directly among the people the ASB wanted to reach.
At its humble beginnings the ASB only ran an out-patient`s department with a specialisation on wound dressing, but very soon- due to high demand - it started to treat all kinds of diseases and enjoyed an enormus acceptance by the people. The ASB out-patient department meanwhile treats more than 35.000 patients annually.

Waiting line in front of the clinic on the street

In 2005 the ASB extended its activities and built a maternity ward with four delivery facilities and an operation theatre. A gynaecologist and a good number of new medical staff joined our team and the ASB became a fully operational clinic running for 24hrs. The ASB is prepared for all obstetrical and other emergencies.
We have an in-house pharmacy and medicines are always available for our patients.
There is also a laboratory operational from 8a.m. to 8.p.m., where all major tests are performed.
In the ASB hospital up to 9 patients can be admitted.
If privacy is wanted the ASB can also offer single/double rooms with optional A/C.

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